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Ceramic Fireplaces

Established in 1992, we design and create unique ceramic fireplaces. The company has since made over of 4000 units and is continually growing in popularity as more and more people begin to discover the beauty and efficiency of ceramic fireplaces in the home. The ceramic fireplaces are hand crafted by a close-knit group of passionate workers and then handed on to the designer, to embellish each one individually.

More About Our Ceramic Fireplaces

Our fireplaces are freestanding, wood burning ceramic fireplaces with a design structure inspired from the old Mexican chimenea fireplace. The fireplace will not release any smoke into the house because of a calculated relationship between the chimney and size of the mouth. The ceramic fireplaces are extremely durable lasting a lifetime if treated with respect and are 100% resistant to thermal shock. Because of it's shape/design the fireplace is exceptionally heat efficient warming up your room even after the fire has gone out. Ceramic fireplaces are very easily maintained they produce minimal ash and only require a simple wipe down to clean. Not a single one of our fireplaces is identical to another in design or colour, each is unique, each is it's own.

Installing a Ceramic Fireplace

Our ceramic fireplaces are very simple to install and can easily be done by a builder, handyman or even a DIY purchaser. We have supplied a comprehensive DIY guide to installing our ceramic fireplaces which can be viewed here. So long as the person installing the fireplace carefully follows the guide, the ceramic fireplace should be up and running in no time. We are happy to accept calls relating to questions about the installation whether it be before, during or after the installation process.